Catchy Quarantine Title

Well, a small upside to social distancing is the fact that it encourages me to stick to the Project. Four months into the year, and I've still not bought anything new that wasn't an "essential". Absolutely no new clothes, accessories, kitchen appliances, home decor, workout gear, books, techy stuff, NOTHING. And guys, I'm loving it. Now more than ever, I'm being grateful for what I have. Including the extra time at home.

We've watched nearly 4 seasons of How I Met Your Mother, did "Spring cleaning", and began our garden. I've learned how to make home workouts fun, done livestream yoga from my yoga studio, and tried to rebrand this ordeal as a "staycation". It's pretty cute. I guess overall, things are going okay here. I will say, it can be daunting to wake up each morning with absolutely nothing to do. It turns out there actually ARE a lot of hours in the day. We've been hiking a good amount, cooking NONSTOP, and playing Yahtzee like our lives depend on it. I've been hesitant in posting during this time because I truly didn't know what to say. I honestly still don't. But I have learned in the past few weeks that there is only one thing we have control over- and it's our attitude.

This ordeal has showed me how important it is to monitor my consumption of "negative" or "bad" news. Scrolling through article after article of fear, judgement, and criticism truly affects the perspective with which I view this pandemic. The world seems out of control, terrifying, and depressing. When I begin to feel that cloud of "ugh" settle over me, it's important for me to CHOOSE to change my perspective. Give thanks for what you have. Give thanks for the gifted scientists and medical professionals working hard to find solutions. Learn to cut back on excess so that others can have what they need. Support local businesses. Write thank-you notes. We're about to jump into April, but so far 2020 has been a real S.O.B. People are hurting all over the place and there's confusion and sadness.

Hug your pup extra tight. Offer to drop off groceries for your neighbor. Google "good news". Try to connect with your higher power and trust that there are people out there doing everything they can to help. Join them. Pray for them. When you go for a walk, bring a bag and pick up trash in your neighborhood. The good news is, everything is temporary.

As for today, it's cloudy and rainy. Time to heat up some soup, do some stretching, and finish the LOTR Trilogy. Hope whoever reads this has a GREAT (and grateful) day.


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