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Updated: Feb 12

I don't really know how to start this post. Where to begin? Should I start with how cold it is? And how I'm so deep in my winter hibernation (depression) that I barely want to leave my house? Maybe how I'm #hygge to the max and I'm fully committed to candles and blankets until spring finally breaks in all of her wonderful glory. I am to the point, hand to God, where I honestly turn and face the sun like a sunflower when she occasionally breaks through the miserable grey clouds. Anyone else riding this struggle bus? It's getting real. ORRRRRR, maybe I should just cut to the chase.

I bought something.

Okay, here's the sitch. I'll set the scene. I went down to North Carolina for MY WEDDING (???? ALEAH???) and On. The. DAY. OF. I realized how much I'm so over underwire bras. Especially MY bra. I think I got that bra in 2012 and I wore it ANY time I needed to wear a "real" bra. And y'all, it showed. Thin, spikey, and aggressive as hell. Like why am I getting literally stabbed in the chest every time I turn to the right? Why is it that this freaking tan underwire bra isn't even the right color tan for me and it doesn't fit right and my boobs look annoying and trapped? Get this satanic patriarchy cage off of me.

I was so mad. I don't know, I guess that's just the way I am, I'm like tolerating something as much as I can but sometimes you just gotta RIP the bra off of your body like a pro-wrestler tearing his shirt in two, and slam dunk it into the trash bin in your sister's bathroom. Make plans to start over the next day.

I went braless, by the way. To the wedding. I looked great.

So blah blah blah, long story short, I needed a new bra for my work meetings and for the fact that I don't ALWAYS want to go braless, (because I love attention but not nonstop) (and not always THAT kind of attention). And that doesn't make me a bad feminist. Calm down.


The women in my family fell into a deep silence punctuated only by the clacking of computer keys. Hours passed, but time was frozen still. Reviews were read, videos watched, prices accounted for, and two or three pros and cons lists were examined.

I chose the Women's Triangle Bralette, by Everlane. Here's the link: https://bit.ly/2uzzKFX


She came in recyclable packaging, which we all love. And of course it rained, as you can see. Because it's Baltimore and it's winter and of course. But who cares?

We love to see it.

External cardboard packaging was 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. I threw it straight in my compost bin and never looked back. The bralette itself came in a tiny baggie, so I was low-key bummed about that. BUT WAIT! I WAS BUMMED TOO SOON! My Lil Baggie is also a boss.

Check it:

You go, girl.

I mean, how fun is that? It was quite literally a zero-waste SUCCESS story. I noticed that this was the first new thing I'd bought since the holidays, and I was really excited to open it. I appreciated the newness and the anticipation, and then I appreciated how much I was appreciating everything, and then I appreciated my awareness of my appreciation. It was a lot, honestly.

And then I fell in love with how soft and delicate it was and how it was EXACTLY what I'd been looking for. So here's the bralette itself.

This is the Pale Pink color, and it definitely is a light and soft pink, but I have tried it under three of my white shirts, and it works for me.

So cute and fits GREAT. Looks awesome under clothes, or by itself. And- it was $28. And free shipping in your first order. So that was definitely on the lower end price-wise compared to a few other ethical brands I'd looked into. It offers just enough support for me to feel comfy, but doesn't feel restrictive at all. I also like how it allows my boobs to just do their thing, but in an elevated ( 😉) way. And I know you want to "see it on me" so that you can "get a better idea of what it looks like" but I thought about it and... not a chance. Nice try, ya perv.

But if you follow the link from earlier you can see it on one of the Everlane models who do a pretty accurate job of showing how the bra fits. I am really happy with my choice!

So now we're deep into February and the only thing I've purchased new is one single essential item. That item was carefully and intentionally chosen, and I used my hard-earned money to support a business that is open about their factory, employee wages, and environmental impact. It feels real good.

Here's the link to the factory that made my bra: https://www.everlane.com/factories/underwear

Also, I'm married! So that's freakin' nuts. It's pretty fun so far. We actually managed to have a zero-waste wedding, and I'm considering doing a post on that in the future. But for now, I'm just gonna sit nice and cozy in my honeymoon phase and savor those newlywed vibes. Feel free to give me as much marriage advice as you possibly can.

Stay tuned! (oh, and I love you).

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