My Zero-Waste Bathroom Journey

What is UP, everybody? Holy cow I gotta tell you, I am over 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 quarantine. I have been straight-up DRIVING the struggle bus the past few weeks, and that is not a lie. I know that we're all in this together, but am I the only one who low key feels like it is especially worse now that the weather is getting nice? I can't wait to sit outside at a brewery and just sip on a juicy IPA. Who's with me?

In the meantime, I've been trying to focus on what I can control (which, let's be honest, is like literally nothing). But I've made some pretty fun changes in my bathroom- and since it's one of the main places I go to find some gosh darn peace and quiet, I thought maybe you could relate. What? None of you go and stare at yourself in the mirror and physically force yourself through an attitude change? No? Just me.

I started doing my zero-waste transition about 6 or 7 months ago, and one of the first things I learned was that the bathroom is a SMOOTH CRIMINAL when it comes to chucking things in the nearest landfill. Soap dispensers, tooth floss, toothpaste tubes, hair product containers, makeup- the list goes on. So here's a peek into my bathroom. One thing you may notice- we don't have a garbage can in the bathroom. We literally don't need one. Anything that comes out of the bathroom (with the exception of the razor heads we need to get through before switching to a refillable straight razor) is either recyclable or compostable. (Did you know your hair is compostable? Just throw it outside. No more creepy hair monsters in your trash).

Okay so NO, my bathroom is not big. It is a tiny little bby cutie and it's doing its best. But because it's so petite and charming, I gotta keep it MINIMAL. So the only thing on the sink is my soap dispenser that I fill with bulk castile soap. It's eucalyptus scented. I'll put the link at the bottom. (I could go on for HOURS about how easy it is to never buy cleaning products again. I use this sh** on EVERYTHING).

Anyone else guilty of getting a little tipsy at a dinner party and creepin' through the ol' medicine cabinets? Just me, again? You're a liar. Here, in the spirit of full disclosure, you can look at mine.

These are the ONLY items we keep in the med cabinet, and here's why. They're the only things I use every day. Anything else, like makeup or hair product, is kept in a different closet so that it's not CLUTTERED. Say it with me: we don't👏🏽 love 👏🏽clutter👏🏽. These are some of my DIY's- my (empty) toothpaste on the lower right hand corner, my compostable (refillable) tooth floss to its left, a facial oil in a glass dropper, bar deodorant in a metal container, refillable cologne. Top shelf from left to right: compostable bamboo toothbrushes, metal tongue scrapers, DIY lip scrub, and DIY mouthwash. Now that's a simple morning routine.

Another switch which is kinda icky but we ain't above talking about it- a compostable bamboo toilet brush. LISTEN, the plastic ones ARE NASTY. NO MORE. GROSS. You keep them for like 6 years from apartment to apartment, they're scary, they're unsanitary, they gots to go. I snagged this one from Package Free Shop, and you can see it here. You can buy fun holders for them, but I used an old flower vase for a few reasons. 1, it was free. 2, accountability. You know what I'm saying. Accountability.

KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly). This is the truth, y'all. Bare bones, and no nonsense. I use bar shampoo, bar conditioner, and bar soap. I use a compostable loofah, and I put some eucalyptus on the wall so it smells nice and fresh. Done are the days of countless body wash bottles, special masks, etc. Nope. I use stuff by Ethique for hair cleansing, and I use coconut oil for moisturizing hair and body after a shower. No trash made, no mess, no wicked loud collapsing of shelves on my wet shaking body when I have one too many margaritas. 🍹

All this being said, there are still some changes coming. I use 100% recycled/compostable TP (will link below), but eventually would love to switch to that #bidetlife. Since I'm doing a year of no new things, and knowing that no one in their right mind would buy a USED bidet, I think I'll wait till next year. Additionally, I currently am still using my old plastic shower curtain. I keep it clean and aired out, and I believe I can get a few more years out of it. Once it's time for us to part, I'll be all IN on some cloth curtains.

And lastly, the razors. I used Dollar Shave Club for the LONGEST, but I'm honestly not obsessed with shaving. So I ended up with way more refills than I actually could go through. I ended my subscription with them six months ago, and I'm still only using one razorhead every 1.5/2 months. Ya girl is hairy, but the spare time she has is 10/10. Once those are all used up, I'll be switching to a straight razor which is a WAY more environmentally friendly option. Let me know if you have a favorite brand! And that's it. That's a quick look at a (nearly) zero-waste bathroom. If you have the extra time/money/energy/mental space to make a fun eco-friendly move this week, I recommend taking a look at your bathroom and thinking, "what can I SIMPLIFY? What items or products are not serving me as well as I need them to?" And make small, conscious steps from there! Also, take it easy on yourself. It's been a long week. (lol it's Sunday). Bye.

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