The Goal.

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

I'm ready for a change. I've spent the past 6 months transitioning into a more minimalist lifestyle. We now live in a low-waste home, and have learned how to intentionally reduce our negative impacts on the environment. I sold and donated about half my stuff, learned about green cleaning and how to make many of my own products, and now I'm ready for my next challenge.

I'm ready to re-examine my relationship with my money and take pause to assess my impact on the environment. I'm ready to respect my own finances, and spend with careful intention. I'm ready to think twice before purchasing, and spend my money on products that align with my values.

For the next year, I will not buy anything new. I'm not buying new clothes, I'm not buying new gadgets or books or new home decor. I'm not even going to buy new kitchenwares or new furniture. Instead, I'm gonna take a moment. I'll ask myself, "do I need this? Like, do I actually NEED this?" and wait before I respond.

I'll shop secondhand, used, and thrifted. I'll borrow when I can, rent when I can't, and purchase sustainably as a last resort. I'll learn to gratefully appreciate all that I have already.

I'm ready to practice conscious consumerism. I'm ready to go without so that I can focus on the bigger picture. I'm ready to forego 1-click purchasing, endless plastic pillows, and impulsive spending. For one whole year.

The goal: don't buy anything brand new or unnecessary.

No clothes, books, jewelry, decor, furniture, technology, tools, workout gear, souvenirs, gifts or presents.

The exceptions: experiences, groceries, undergarments, make-up, and medicines/supplements.

Ready? Here we go.


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